Funk a la mexicana

Here’s a little bit a obscure latin funkiness from Mexico, a record that i found in a thrift bin sans album cover, but that intrigued me nevertheless, the tracklisting includes your latin american folk standards like “la malaguena”, “piel canela”, and strangely even the macho-boracho fav  Jose Alfredo Jimenez’s “El Rey”, but that because recently i had heard a funky instrumental on a mix posted by a vinyl loving fiend/friend, Carlos Icaza (aka. Tropicaza). Info on anything by this group is hard to come by but so i asked him a little about the group. Sociedad Organizada en Sonido was headed by Rodolfo Sanchez along with some of the best session players fr. Mexico. They produced three lps. on the excellent Gas label along with a pair of singles. Mr. Tropicaza also says to have interviewed Rodolfo as well, and perhaps we’ll follow up with some more info and tunes from this group in the future. In the meantime, enjoy. EB

El Rey

Vereda Tropical

Negra Consentida

Bucaya da yada

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