Rockin’ in Central America

Here’s a tasty bit of Latin infused rock from El Salvador. There’s not much info available on La Organizacion or their output, but their sound is something like the Chicano rock coming out of California in the 70’s, bands like Malo or El Chicano, only with a tighter and more driving rock sound that gives them some of a that psych-funkiness appeal of some other bands from Latin America. Released in 1973 on Arcano – the U.S. Latin division of RCA,  the band had all the great ingredients for a killer sound, a tight horn section, some fuzzed out guitar elements, killer swirly organ, and some nice arrangements that give their songs really some nice funky touches.

Check out “Hagan Cola” with its driving beat and check out the wicked  injection of fuzz guitar near the end. “En Algun Lugar” starts out a little bit in a mellow mode then exlodes near the end, there’s a nice percussive workout at the end of “Suave Pa’ Gozar”, and lastly the definite killer in my book, “Amor es…”. Enjoy. EB

Hagan Cola

En Algun Lugar

Suave Pa’ Gozar

Amor Es…

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