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Sonorama this week takes on the soundz of the 70’s and all the cheese with it, bringing you some global infused disco from the far corners of the globe. Of course  we’ve thown in some latin disco, but we’ve avoided the NY scene (maybe with the exception of Charo) and opted for some deeper cuts  from Mexico and Spain. Also Charli takes us on a little set of galactic space disco sounds including a track by John Williams off the soundtrack to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Lastly we threw in some bits of disco funk from the African continent including a rare Nigerian disco cut that recently got reissued by one of Nigeria’s seminal figures in Afro-funk and soul, Mr. Orlando Julius. Enjoy the tunes. EB&CG


Samba Soul–Chove chuva/Mas que nada (Brazil)

Veronica Castro–Cual es tu nombre, cual es tu numero? (Mexico)

Los Aztecas–La llorona (Mexico/Texas?)

Georgie Dann–A.I.E. (France/Spain)

Hnos. Diablo–Ven besame (Spain)

Tierra–My disco girl (US)

Charo–Guantanamera (US)

el Chicles–Babalu (Belgium)

Chats Bottes–Le chat (France)

The Pace Setters–Blinking eyes (Ghana)

John Williams–Close Encounters of the 3rd kind (US)

ORS–Moon boots (US)

Meco–Galactic (US)

Orlando Julius–Disco high-life (Nigeria)


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  1. the song by Los Hermanos Diablo is so amazing, i can listen to it over and over again. the album its on has great songs too!

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