(((Sonorama Podcast))) No.10: Cumbias Cumbias Cumbias

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Hello everyone, we’re back again this week with our weekly podcast of global latin soundz for your enjoyment. As summer gets in full swing with its assortment of music and cultural offerings we’re especially excited with the announcement of the first ever Colombian music festival to take place in July. The fest is being organized by Macondo’s own Leo Suarez, a local music enthusiast who like us has been in interested in promoting latin-american roots music as well and so this week we thought we would revisit one of our favorite Colombian rhythms: the cumbia. We’ve chosen for this week’s podcast  to put a little spotlight on some of our favorite Colombian artists and we also venture out a little to check out some cumbias from Mexico and even feature a little track on New York’s own Fania label.

We start things out in Mexico with a track by a Colombian accordianist, Aniceto Molina, a Colombian working in Mexico with a track that’s got a sick little syncopated bass line “Sembrando Cafe”; check out a cumbion from the legendary Corraleros de Majagual,  Mongo Santamaria works his percussive wizardry with salsero Justo Bentancourt with an extended take on the cumbia rhythm and check out a little cumbia with some norteño stylings as well. Enjoy the tunes and arriba la cumbia. EB & CG


Joaquin Betin–Cumbia Sampuesana (Colombia)

Aniceto Molina–Sembrando Cafe (Mexico/Colombia)

Los Corraleros de Majagual–Ritmo de Colombia (Colombia)

Sexteto Miramar–Cumbia de Serenata (Colombia)

Mongo Santamaria & Justo Betancourt–Cumbia Tipica (U.S.)

Primitivo y su conjunto–Colombia tierra de amor (Colombia)

Pacho Galan–Cartagena mia (Colombia)

Los Crazy Kings–Rio Manzanares (Mexico)

Grupo Comodines–Cumbia de la Zorra (Mexico)

Los Populares de Nueva Rosita–Yolanda (Mexico)

Adolfo Echeverria y sus Mayorales–Cumbia en llamas (Colombia)

Aniceto Molina–Josefina (Colombia/Mexico)

Andres Landero y su conjunto–Lolita la cumbiambera (Colombia)

Combo los Gallegos–Cumbia lorana (Colombia)