(((Sonorama Podcast))) No.19: Afro-Latin Roots

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Hey everyone, ready and excited to explore and share with you some more great music with you this new year. So we’re starting things out with this little podcast we’ve been planning for some time. This week we look a little past  the more modern Latin dance rhythm to explore some of the more raw and rootsy recordings that  are found all over the Afro-Latin world. It’s undeniable  that the story of Latin music owes a great amount to the numerous African cultures that evolved for centuries and that have left a rich musical legacy that continues to influence the modern music world to this day.

In the podcast you’ll find some fantastic music from Colombia’s southwestern Pacific coast, a region that features some great marimba playing along with some great percussive heavy rhythms, there’s a great  field recording from Colombia that features a drunken street poet recounting a story backed by a hot guacharaca and drum beat, there’s some great group drumming from Trinidad along with some really infectious music from two of the queens of carnival music from Colombia in the 70’s, Irene Martinez and La Niña Emilia.  Plus as always some more treats as well. Enjoy the music. Afro!! EB&CG


Grupo Naidy–Que que me trajo el Nino Dios (Colombia)

Artist unknown from Nonesuch Explorer Lp Black music in South America–Arrullo San Antonio (Colombia)

Artist unknown–Fiesta song (Colombia)

Francisco Pacheco–San Juancinto (Venezuela)

Rudolph Legros–Chaill aux Pieds (Haiti)

Luciano Perrone–Berimbua (Brasil)

Artists unknown taken from Lp Drums of Trinidad–Calypso in drums (Trinidad)

Lara Brothers Parang–Malaguena (Trinidad)

Soneros de Gamero–Carracu che che (Colombia)

Patato y Totico–Masquenada (US)

Jerry Gonzalez–Badu fieden orisha (US)

Emilia Herrera–El pajaro picon se va se va (Colombia)