Pan music from Puerto Rico

Borinquen, or Puerto Rico as most of us know it, is the indigenous name of that island in the Caribbean as well as a music label that released a variety of tropical rhythms in its day. Pan music also known as steel drum music originated in the southern island of Trinidad and soon spread its unique sound to neighboring islands, in turn offering more rhythmic and melodic possibilities to the tropical sounds in the region. Of course Puerto Rico was no exception to this influence, and here in these tracks you’ll find some exciting fusions of latin and carribean sounds.

According to the liner notes, The Caribbean Steel-Band were formed and led by 19-year old Eduardo Lopez from the western city of Victoria. His band, made up of his fellow university classmates, offer up three tropical stormers on their self made “pans” as well as add their own latin elements like the guiro and congas.
Their versions of “Ojitos Chinos” and “Meneito Me” were also big hits with one of Puerto Rico’s biggest salsa orchestras, El Gran Combo. The song “Compadre Pedro Juan” is a fast steel merengue that never let’s up its steam and ends with some nice percussive breaks at the end of the track.Leroy Smith and His Melo’ Tone here provide their version of Perez Prado’s classic mambo “Mambo Jambo”. Enjoy  EB

Caribbean Steel-Band–Ojitos Chinos

Caribbean Steel-Band–Meneito Me

Caribbean Steel-Band–Compadre Pedro Juan

Leroy Smth and His Melo Tone–Mambo Yambo


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