Chasing skirts with Lucho Bermudez y su Orchestra

Our friend Carlitos (Tropicaza) recently posted this sweet footage of this classic cumbia which immediately got my cumbia juices flowing again and so here’s “El Maestro” Lucho Bermudez with a very classic Colombian song “La Pollera Colora” which translates as “the red skirt”, a song that’s been a staple of many tropical musicians for years including Mexico’s own cumbiambera Carmen Rivero back in the 1950s as well. In the video you can easily spot Lucho Bermudez wearing his bold plastic frames and playing one of the instruments he’s best known for the clarinet. Bermudez mastered the instrument along with the trombone, trumpet, tuba, among others during his studies in the city of Santa Marta where he also became a member in the military marching band in 1920. Soon after he became engulfed with the costeño soundz of the northern Carribean coast and began to adapt the folkloric black sounds of the porros, gaitas, and cumbias for orchestra of which his own would go own to travel internationally including residing some years between the early 50’s in both Cuba and Mexico in an attempt to export their country’s musical product abroad. Here’s two tracks from a recent find from my travels to Miami. Enjoy. EB

L Bermudez “La Pollera Colora”

L Bermudez “El Meneito”

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