Los Papines “Para Que Niegas”

In the 60’s and 70’s Los Papines were prime ambassadors of the rumba and guaguanco rhythms in their native Cuba and the rest of the world; they were  among of the first acts to popularize Afro-Cuban rhythms to as far places as Japan. Fronted by the Abreu brothers Ricardo, Luis, Alfredo, and Jesus, Los Papines were like the Harlem Globetrotters of Afro-Cuban percussion turning their performances into an explosive percussive and acrobatic displays which also included some very wicked vocal scatting. It’s exactly that layered almost proto “beatboxing” layering that caught my ear when one of their tracks found its way onto Waxing’s Deep’s excellent comp. Si Para Usted Vol. 2. “Para Que Niegas” is a haunting bolero/guaguanco that flexes some great bass work from legendary Buena Vista bassist Orlando “Cachaito” Lopez ;who not only plays on it but is also credited as the song’s composer. Here’s a little footage of them in action, probably from later into their 70’s period but nonetheless great.  Enjoy  EB

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