A la memoria del muerto…

Well it’s Dia de los Muertos as well as Election day which by some coincidence perhaps goes hand in hand with the current bleak political outlook, but regardless of the current state of affairs the Mexican celebration is nevertheless always an exhilarating holiday unlike any other. Celebrating the temporality of our lives, but in turn also reminding  us to continue our enjoyment of life’s pleasures of which music must surely be one of them. Having said that here’s a little re-edit by France’s Blundetto taking on Fruko y sus tesos and thier salsa groover “A La Memoria del Muerto”.  A song which perfectly captures the spirit of the day, and like song says “El muerto al ollo, y el vivo al baile!” (the dead to the hole, and the live  to the dance”) EB

Fruko y sus Tesos “A la Memoria del Muerto” Blundetto re-edit

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