Anibal Velasquez Mystery Lp…


“Sabor a Costa”

Mystery Track “Melao”

Mystery Track “Chunga”

Mystery Track “Compa”

Here’s a batch of tasty Colombian treats that I stumbled upon by chance and that for a while had me scratching my head. See a while back I had picked up this Lp mislabled to the artist Jose Maria Peñaranda titled “Muchachita” and having been unfamiliar with Peñaranda’s body of work I thought I had stumbled upon another Colombian virtuoso with some killer material. Peñaranda is also Colombian but his songwriting usually involved humorous parodies on daily life and Colombian folklore which didn’t match the style of the music contained on this Lp.  Luckily though I was able  to identify one of these songs on another blog and I was able to determine that this mystery artist in fact the great accordionist Anibal Velasquez.

Unfortunately since I’m rather rather uneducated on Anibal’s body of work (according to some sources producing an almost 300Lp across a careeer of 58 years!) and my attempts to track down the album from which these songs come from is a little of an impossible task. So instead let the tracks remain a mystery and just enjoy the sounds. There’s a killer batch of Colombian heat in these four tracks including as is Anibal’s style, a killer array of accordion insanity, that insistent guacharaca riding riding nicely upfront in the mix, and some crazy fusions of costeño sounds styles with guaracha, merengue, and cumbia. Killer stuff. Enjoy the tunes. (and if anyone can help me identify these tracks let me know) EB

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