Tumbao Ep from The Whiskey Barons

Bstrd Boots has just released this bumpin 12″ EP featuring 4 quality latin reworks by Boston’s dj/producer duo The Whiskey Barons. The  label, a side project from the  Bastard Jazz label, first caught my eye a couple months back when I picked up their 7″ single by Dub Traffik Control that features a sweet chicha dub reworking of “La Danza de los Mirlos” called “Carlito Cumbia”.  This time around The Whiskey Barons unleash a killer dub version of Willie’s Colon’s classic in their track “La Murga Skank” together with some reggae keys in the mix. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find a variety of styles including some tasty Colombian salsa, plenty of latin keys, disco, house, funk, and some occasional vocal samples. The cuts on the release are more spare dub versions than “redits” meaning they don’t make attempts to to refer to much to  the original version of the track but regardless these reworkings are really nicely produced and definitely have enough sabor for the dancefloor. Check out the clips below for a preview. EB

buy: Crosstalk  (CHI) Turntable Lab  (NYC)

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