El boogaloo brasileiro…El Boogaloo Combo…Muito quente!! (So Groovy)

Muito Quente

Nem Cha Cha Nem Babalu


Amor com Boogaloo

Here’s a really tasty find from a recent road trip to Minnesota that I’ve been wanting to share.  This is The Boogaloo Combo released in 1969 on Cbs’s Epic Record,s. This is  really amazing and unique record not only because of it’s great cover art, but also because it’s often really rare to find a such an Afro-Cuban influence, in this case boogaloo, from Brazil.

The Combo’s rather tame version of JB’s “Hot Pants” has been over-compiled several times and yet this little record, I think their first, seems to have been overlooked. The cut’s are nice and short some clocking in under two minutes, but there are some a really fantastic tunes here with all the elements of the best New York bands.Expect to find plenty of finger snaps, cookin’ keys,  along with some great Portuguese bossa choruses that give it Combo a really nice 60’s Brazilian flair. Enjoy. EB


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