2016 Cased Meats for a Cause II

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Cased Meats for a Cause
1427 W Willow St.
Chicago, Illinois 60642
United States
Cased Meats for a Cause II
3:00 PM

13239168_10153849848864177_5060927562575787492_nCome join Farm ButcherTable and Yollocalli in partnership with Local Foods and The Hideout as we celebrate the joys of Cased Meats. Butcher and Larder, Publican Quality Meats, Radler, and Revolution Brewing will create the delectable meats. Revolution Brewing and Virtue Cider will provide the sumptuous refreshments. Sonorama will supply the airwaves with some good tunes. The Hideout and Local Foods will supply the amazing venue. And the wonderful Yollicalli students will bring their inimitable visual panache. So what about you? You just need to bring your appetite!

All proceeds will benefit Yollocalli Arts Reach – who promises, above all else, to continue to keep it weird!

Brought to you by Local Foods, The Hideout and Farm Butcher Table.