La Redada-Abrete Sesamo 7″

Command your ears to “open sesame” to the freshest sounds to emerge from Mexico City’s contemporary music scene. La Redada hails a multi-national sextet of musicians that have converged in the vicinities of the ex-DF to form an exciting dance band informed by the rhythms del pasado with a cyclops eye to an Aztec-future. Led by drumstick in one hand and a record in the other, Carlos Icaza (Los Fancy Free/El Pan Blanco), the band is informed w/ a crate-digger’s knowledge of Latin rhthyms and a Djs ear for the dancefloor.

The danzon-cha inspired “Abrete Sesamo” snakes a psychedelic slippery path through a percussive syncopated cha cha cha groove that even Ali Baba couldn’t resist.
On the flip side, the group channels their magic for an animated spin on Wganda Kenya’s Afro-disco stormer “Tifit Hayed”, here playful renamed ‘Jipi Juarez”.

Sonorama Discos is proud to release this pair of dancefloor spells for your dancefloor consideration this October 2017.

La Redada son:

Feike De Jong ; sax y flauta
Daniel Llermaly ; Bajo y guitarra
Fernando Caridi ; Theremin, bajo y percusiones
Carlos Icaza; percusión
Oscar Ojeda : Bongó y conga
Julian Huerta: órgano